Dear Reader, Whether you have been hurt or jaded by religion, or have a desire to know God your Creator for all that He is, this book is designed to undo traditionalism and bring freedom and liberty. Bubbles of joy will burst out of you and intoxicate those around you when you read these words that describe the heart of our Father God. Head knowledge will be displaced by intimacy, when your heart takes you to a place that your brain doesn’t fit. Most would say that life is based on happenstance, luck, karma, or chance, but in God’s world our lives were designed by The Architect, “God” with The Craftsman, “the Spirit of Wisdom” at His side. Destiny does not come out of the blue; it comes from the blueprint before time. The very fabric of our being was woven together before we were in our mother’s womb. We are spiritual beings. We get to drink and toast to His goodness while going through a human experience. We were fearfully and wonderfully made for His good pleasure. He made us in His Image to reflect the likeness of Him from Heaven to earth.     Confronted By Destiny is a book for those that want to go all the way in God. Those of us that seek to live the abundant life Christ made available through His finished work must confront ungodly mindsets that oppose the manifestation from being actualized. This book gives one the ability to encounter trials and tribulations with an eternal perspective, while remaining unhindered by temporal circumstances. We have all asked and prayed for things that are far beyond what we can fathom actually happening, and God loves to answer in a fashion that doesn’t always fit our paradigm. God’s ways will always exceed our greatest expectations. Confronted By Destiny will inspire people to face their fears and continue to believe in the midst of adversity. This book is for anybody who desires to have all that God has to offer. It is for those that have longed to give up all their familiar comforts, to be comforted by the true Comforter, the Holy Spirit.



      Track 1 Emergency Rap is Under Scrutiny
      Track 2 It is Written
      Track 3 Blood from Golgotha
      Track 4 Warrior
      Track 5 T-R-I-N-I-T-Y
      Track 6 The Keys are Mine
      Track 7 Garden of Freedom
      Track 8 In Your Hands
      Track 9 Breakthrough
      Track 10 Victory
      Track 11 New Man
      Track 12 Child of God