My name is Wes Munyon and I am a husband, a brother, a son and a father. I was a 60 hour a week businessman from 2003 through 2013. In 2014 God called me to the mission field. I gave up my business and started ministering full time. I am currently the president of The Key Holder’s Group – a 501 C3 nonprofit corporation which is funded by believers that share our vision to spread the gospel. Over the past 14 months on mainly public school campuses – The Key Holder’s Group has witnessed nearly three thousand students surrender their lives to Christ.  


Currently we are working with 14 different campuses in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We have many more that are opening in 2017 and we’ll keep you updated with videos and our monthly good newsletters. Our purpose is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ to a generation that seems to be left behind. Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Child Evangelism Fellowship make it possible for us to get on to these campuses and preach the gospel.        

How To Get Involved

We are currently looking for volunteers that want to come on the campuses with us, as well as volunteers that are willing to adopt local schools. We need monthly partners that can help send us to these campuses so that we can live out our missionary calling.


Please reach out to us through our FB link on the front page and we’ll partner together to fulfill the Great Commission.                  


Pastor Dean Clark- “Wes Munyon truly fits the definition of an evangelist. His life is consumed with God’s love for souls. His communication of the gospel is amazingly compelling and heartfelt. It is like a net of God’s love which completely draws every listener to make a decision for Jesus. He is truly one of the greatest missionaries to young people in the United States.”   Prophet Hensley- “Wes Munyon is a childlike heart, filled with energy and laughter. A man that strives to reach the broken and a man that finds a way to bring beauty into his ministry without judgment. A man that seeks the youth and touches the hearts of those around him with willingness and grace.  He is a blessing to those who meet him!” Ricardo O’kane-
Motivational Preacher
“I first met Wes Munyon probably 5 years ago at a church we both attended in Northridge Ca. Over the last couple years I have watched Wes lead prayer meetings and outreaches with teams of evangelists. Wes is a tireless soul winner as he makes the most of every opportunity to win people to Christ, heal broken bodies and minister to wounded souls. He is a man of great vision for building the Kingdom of God and seeing the youth in our school system transformed into a generation of history making revivalists.”
Meredith Jane Martin-
Prophetic Evangelist, Pastor
“I met Wes when he came to my home Bible Study with some friends about 7 years ago. We met through a mutual friend that was a patient in a dental office I was working in. I saw a prophetic sparkle in his eye and he was on fire for JESUS! GOD actually told me soon after that first meeting that HE was in fact raising Wes up to be a prophet and THE SPIRIT moved quickly and mightily to keep Wes’s feet following GOD’S Lead. Wes has had a fervent passion to seek GOD’S PRESENCE and retrieve Divine Revelation through deep study and meditation on THE WORD. He loves to expound on THE WORD and his utterances are profound. GOD has gifted him with writing skills and he has authored at least two Spiritual books. Wes has been faithful to submit to his High Call from GOD and he is not afraid to take risks with the DOMINION, AUTHORITY and POWER, GOD has anointed him with. He has an intensity to win souls for GOD’S Kingdom which is above reproach! Wes’  fashion mall, metro link, city park and homeless outreaches, public school evangelism,  beach baptisms, Bible Studies, street ministries, pulpit preaching, teaching and healing in JESUS’ Matchless Name, set Wes apart for greater works and exploits! He is now a devoted husband, father and dear friend, who’s love is like our Heavenly FATHER’S – forever deep and everlasting!”
    Danielle Burgos – “Wes has an infectious zeal for Jesus. When he is around, surely the presence of The Holy Spirit is too as it is apparent he is in constant communion with His Father. Love and compassion for the youth flows out of him and his boldness in proclaiming the good news is simply inspiring.”   Saida Espy- ” I’ve known Wes for about 3 years now, but seems like an eternity! He’s been such a great influence in my life, as he always pushes me to go higher (and step out of my comfort zone) for Christ. I’ve seen many people (young and old) come to Christ as he evangelizes throughout the land. I’ve also seen many miracles, signs and wonders following him throughout his radical journeys for the Lord.  His passion and fire for the Lord has stirred up so many hearts (including mine). I thank the Lord for knowing such a mighty warrior for Christ!” Pastor Zach Miller- “Pastor Wes Munyon is one of the greatest preachers I have ever listened to. Consecutively for the last two years I have ministered very closely with Pastor Wes, and it has always been a biblical agenda and Spirit Lead mandate. We have personally become extremely close due to his unfailing love and transparency. Wes preaches the Gospel with just about every breath he takes and every muscular contraction his body takes. Truly this man is approved and sent from God to be in this world and not of it. His holiness (Set-Apart for a specific purpose [universal for all believers]), has become a contagious outbreak in Southern California and now all over the world as he has personally prepared and sent many on missions. Pastor Wes Munyon is called by God to not only be a local missionary but an international trumpet to be able tell the Church what intimacy in Christ is all about and also to be a living witness to the unbelievers of this world to proclaim salvation unto them. He is also an adoring Father and a faithful husband.”